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Post Apocalyptic Medieval Murder Mystery

Graphic Novel Series

The graphic chronicles of Dust, written and illustrated by Justin Remo, have been in development since 2018.

The series features a cast of unusual characters set in an immense post-apocalyptic world, uncovering the mysteries of an untimely murder. 

Copies of the comic, as well as prints, apparel, and other accessories, are sold online at the Etsy Dust Comic Shop. Copies are also available for purchase at the MICA Store, Atomic Books (Baltimore, MD) and Collector's Corner (Baltimore, MD).

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Justin Remo

Founder, Writer, Illustrator

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Joseph Taylor 

Lead Illustrator


Anthony Culp

Conceptual Artist

Roofi Mulya


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In 2023, Dust was nominated alongside eight other entrepeneurial ventures to compete in the Ratcliffe Center for Creative Entrepeneurship's annual UP/Start seed funding competition. On April 6, 2024, the Dust Comics team will be tabling and pitching at the MICA UP/Start Finale.



Set in the post-apocalyptic future of Earth, scorched into a chaotic desert by an unprecedented solar shift, society is transformed into a ravenous hellscape of pirates, scavengers, and monstrous creatures. Centuries after this calamity, mankind enters an age of allegiance, assembled into various factions of their own morals and beliefs.

The modern-age medieval kingdom of Helianthus flourishes during an era of peace and prosperity, protected from the dangers of the outside world. However, this peace is interrupted when an appalling event befalls within the walls of the kingdom. The Dust Knights of the sovereign King Leopoldo are sent to uncover the truth behind the death of one of their own comrades, felled by an unknown killer.

Venturing off into the treacherous and vile remains of a once gorgeous planet, the dust knights must uncover the secrets that lead them closer to the one responsible for their comrade’s defeat. To protect their kingdom and avenge their brother, they will endure the worst.


Below are all currently available issues of the Dust graphic novel series.

Each chapter is released as an issue, five issues for every volume.

DUST_AnOftToldTale_COVER copy.jpg

Prologue: An Oft Told Tale

A wounded knight wanders through the desert on horseback with nothing more than two potato sacks and a bloodied sword. His grim unsavory state leads him to an unexpectedly generous gleaner hobbled out in the dunes. In return for his care, the knight agrees to tell his benefactor his woes. Who is this mysterious nobleman, and what led to his unfortunate fate?

Released 06/20/2023

Issue One JPEG Cover Lower MB.jpg

Chapter One: Prelude

Helian Dust Knight, Hugo Malick, The Noble, has traveled to the city of Xerocole, a domain of dregs, crooks, and freakish miners living amongst the fumes of their oil extracting machinery. Atop the domain’s highest tower sits Baron Marzipan, an avaricious despot who has failed to repay his debts to the kingdom of Helianthus. It is clear that Marzipan will not give up his resources without a fight, however, Hugo has not come alone on his journey.

Released 12/20/2021

Chapter Two: The Invitation

Merrily returning from his voyage to Xerocole, Hugo Malick, The Noble, rendezvous with the general of the Dust Knight Legion, Isaac Rivera, inside the walls of their home, the kingdom of Helianthus. Hugo is invited to an evening feast at the castle and is encouraged to attend. Following his invitation, he discusses one last journey beyond the kingdom walls with his wife, Tania.

Released 10/01/2022


Chapter Three: Market Day

Looking for garments to wear for the royal feast, Hugo and Tania Malick explore the vast markets of Concordia, an establishment overseen by the United Vanguard Federation. In the midst of their excursion, Helian Dust Knights, Alec Lionel, The Proud and Frederick Marlowe, The Inebriated, are on the hunt for a thief who has stolen scriptures from the Helian clergy. Can they work together to catch their target? And will Tania and Hugo find suitable vestments in time for the feast?

Released 08/21/2023


Chapter Four: Faded Laurels

At long last, the Helian royal banquet commences! Citizens of Helianthus and allies from foreign nations swarm to the castle gates of Althehyme to witness the splendors of the Helian court. Mikael Leopoldo, the kingdom’s sovereign, reunites with his loyal Dust Knights to break bread and share tales of their adventures. However, not all is right within these resplendent halls. Familial tension rises, mysterious cloaked shadows lurk in the darkness, and a strange ghostly figure stalks Hugo Malick, The Noble, from the crowds.

Coming May 2024!


For more information about Dust and its exciting continuation, feel free to contact the artist through this website or social media for further updates.

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